At 40 kg and 8 months Enzo is still not even halfway towards being fully mature and is smack bang in the middle of typical puppy spurts in growth and behaviour. His Mum is well aware that the Bernese Mountain dog is considered a large/at risk breed for future joint disease and wanted to see what difference Antinol would make in his life – not just from a joint perspective but also with a view to cognitive support.

We take a look at the difference in movement observations, cognitive skills including trainability and skin/coat as reported by Enzo’s owner.


Before Antinol

  • Seems weak in the back drags his back feet from time to time (appears like he is being lazy), front feet turning out.

After 28 days on Antinol

  • Have definitely seen an improvement in his front feet. They appear to turn out less frequently and not as much as they used to.
  • His rear end awareness has increased as well and appears to have tightened/strengthened (in a good way) and appears less ‘floppy’.
  • Appears to be putting more weight on the front legs.

Cognitive skills & energy

Before Antinol

  • Can get very overexcited/over stimulated particularly in the presence of dogs or people.
  • Hasn’t been very focussed during training sessions, experiencing some separation anxiety as well.
  • Hypo in the morning after food and night after food, lower levels of energy during the middle of the day, sleeps a lot during the middle of the day.

After 28 days on Antinol

  • Energy levels seem to be more consistent throughout the day, not seeing as many hypo moments after eating.
  • Have seen apparent improvements in his cooperation and willingness to listen during training sessions.
  • Have been gradually able to work on his excitement around other people entering the house too, which was previously very difficult.
  • Separation anxiety appears to have lessened in the last week- wont cry at the door when I leave him inside, and not as hesitant to be left when we go out


Before Antinol

  • Majority of the coat is healthy and very shiny; he is changing from his puppy to adult coat so is looking a little crazy, however. Have noticed some thinning of hair around his eyes and just above his nose.

After 28 Days on Antinol

  • His coat appears to have gotten a lot thicker and grown quite rapidly in the last 2 weeks. No change in thinning hair around the eyes
Written by Tamara Johansen

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