Natural Is Better

Does your cat rule the roost and expect nothing but the best to touch their whiskers? Ours too, that’s why having a 100% natural supplement to support health is so important to us. Antinol® Rapid EAB-277TM is a natural supplement for joint and mobility that supports cats' health, skin and general wellbeing.

Antinol® Rapid is a natural joint and mobility formulation containing two marine lipid concentrates. When blended these concentrates provide synergised nutrient energy which supports your cats' wellbeing. It contains over 90% of all Omega 3's in a highly bioavailable form.

Antinol® Rapid for Cats is recommended as a daily nutritional supplement for:

- Enhanced joint health - Support for healthy cartilage

- When an alternative joint support-formulation is required

- Beneficial skin and coat support

- Safe long-term daily use with no known contraindications*

- No synthetic preservatives or fillers

- Fully traceable and sustainable

*The safety with pregnant or lactating cats has not been proven. May contain a minute amount of tropomyosin protein

Made by nature, backed by science

Backed by science and extensive research

The blended oil in Antinol® Rapid is sourced from the New Zealand mollusc Perna canaliculus (Green lipped mussel) from the Marlborough Sounds New Zealand and Euphausia superba (Antarctic krill) from Antarctic waters.

Due to our supercritical, environmentally-friendly and state-of-the-art extraction process the blended oil is 100% natural. It consists of up to 91 free fatty acid components, sterol esters, polar and non-polar lipids along with carotenoids. The blended oil is mixed with olive oil and Vitamin E oil to make Antinol® Rapid, a great NZ natural and reliable product. Because it provides nutrients that are essential components of body tissues, Antinol® Rapid supports cats’ healthy joints, mobility and skin.

Antinol® Rapid can be used daily for natural joint and mobility support, for skin and coat conditioning. It can also be used as a wellness influencer for those looking to be proactive about their cat’s health.

Cat parents notice and appreciate:

- Supported joint health and comfort
- Healthy skin and coat
- More kitten-like play
- Antinol® Rapid is an ideal natural alternative
- Suitable for long term daily use and no known contraindications*

*The safety of this product has not been tested in pregnant or lactating animals. May contain a minute amount of tropomyosin protein.

Cats joint and mobility health

The best way to keep your cat happy and healthy? Observe them.

Your cat depends on you to help them maintain good joint health. Maintaining good joint health, a healthy weight, and a balanced diet are mainstays to help keep your cat mobile, active, and playful.

Things to look for :

Does your cat growl and scratch when you try picking it up when it previously loved a cuddle? Owners are so important for cats as veterinarians do not see them in their regular environments and they are masters at hiding what's going on. Cats behave differently to us and they will continue to try and do what they’ve always done, albeit a bit slower.

Look for any changes in your cat’s disposition, activity level, or playfulness.

- Hesitating to jump up or down
- Avoiding interaction with people / other animals
- Change in grooming habits
- Coat has a matted / scruffy appearance
- Increased time sleeping
- Difficulty using the litter box